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Soothing Day
From Dawn Till Dusk

From Dawn Till Dusk

"Soothing Day: Dawn Till Dusk" is a series of beautiful and relaxing yet uplifting music designed to help you to concentrate - and perhaps party a bit, should you feel like it. The series includes six songs composed, produced and instrumented by Timo Poijärvi. 

The songs are:

1. Ray of Light
2. Sunrise
3. Morning
4. Anticipation
5. Siesta
6. Celebration


The "Dawn Till Dusk" series was inspired by a vision of a great day, which begins very early in the morning hours after a dark and powerful storm. 


You are standing by the sea shore seeing just a ray of light peeking from the horizon through the dark receding mass of clouds. You can hear the ocean waves and even some birds, the morning light takes over gradually and the positive midday is approaching. 

After a restorative forenoon, you begin feeling this day is about to offer something great, sense of anticipation is clearly in the air. After promising midday it is time to take a break, sit down or perhaps have a relaxing nap - it's siesta time! 


In the late afternoon one begins to prepare to go out for the evening. The great day so far makes it clear it's going to be a celebration tonite!


Musically "Dawn Till Dusk" is simple, melodic and uplifting. The compositions repeat certain themes with airy instruments making them usable for relaxing purposes.

Soothing Day "Dawn Till Dusk" is available to stream in all your favourite major music services including SpotifyDeezerYouTube MusicApple Music, and many more across the globe.

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